Medical technology management


In this cour­se the mar­ket for medi­cal ser­vices and solu­ti­ons will be ana­ly­zed from the per­spec­tive of a Med­Tech com­pa­ny. Given the rapid trans­for­ma­ti­on in health­ca­re and the increa­sing pres­su­re to deli­ver bet­ter out­co­mes at lower costs new kind of part­nership models are requested by pro­vi­ders. Pro­vi­ding a health­ca­re solu­ti­on that goes bey­ond medi­cal equip­ment has beco­me cri­ti­cal for med­tech pro­vi­ders to stay com­pe­ti­ti­ve while enab­ling health­ca­re out­co­mes that real­ly mat­ter to socie­ty. The­se mega trends bear impli­ca­ti­ons for inno­va­ti­on cycles, busi­ness and mar­ket models, finan­cing solu­ti­ons, pro­ject manage­ment and pro­cu­re­ment. Hence, the cour­se will pro­vi­de insights into the­se health­ca­re mega­trends and on how med­tech pro­vi­ders are adap­ting to anti­ci­pa­te and respond to the­se trends. Throughout the cau­se case stu­dies and other inter­ac­tive for­mats will be used.

Learning objectives and skills

Stu­dents will under­stand the mar­ket situa­ti­on from both the health­ca­re pro­vi­der and pro­vi­der as well as med­tech manu­fac­tu­rer view. This cour­se will deepen their know­ledge on orga­ni­za­tio­nal and sup­ply chain dri­ven orga­ni­za­ti­ons.

They will learn the micro eco­no­mi­c­al per­spec­tive for solu­ti­on offe­rings wit­hin a health­ca­re pro­vi­der custo­mer case.

The sci­en­ti­fic deve­lop­ment of the cour­se con­tents and the inter active for­mat will streng­t­hen the skills to ana­ly­ze, deve­lop and eva­lua­te cases bet­ween the dif­fe­rent sta­ke­hol­ders.

Module compatibility

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